Dow Chemical Rebate Coordinator in Shanghai, China

Role Description :

Rebate Coordinator provides a smooth execution of Rebate and Commission transactions, interfaces with commercial and business finance to ensure that customers receive rebate in an accurate and timely manner.

Primary Responsibilities:*

  1. Process all indicated activities in compliance with policy and procedures

  2. Adhere to all Compliances and Controls on work processes (e.g. ISO, SOX, etc.)

  3. Adhere to timely and accurate handling of each activity

  4. Act as team backup for other team members

Core Competency:

  1. Generating Customer Value

  2. Collaborating for Superior Results

  3. Delivering Innovative Solutions

  4. Leading Courageously

Functional Competency:

  1. Work Process Excellence

  2. Analitycal Thinking

  3. Develop an understanding of Dow products and business strategy

  4. Efficient use of SAP and BW functionalities

Indicative Activities:


  1. Create rebate agreements and commission records into SAP system

  2. Monitor any new rebate agreements via CMT and notify account managers to provide rebate accrual information if necessary

Review & Adjustment

  1. Create rebate accrual reports using SAP or BW reporting tool and review with business on the regular bas e

  2. C heck out in-scope products against rebate & commission contracts and compare purchased volume with target volume

  3. Adjust rebate accrual upon review results and business instruction


  1. Calculate rebate payout amount and compare with accrual amount

  2. Verify if contract is signed or agreed between business and customer

  3. Verify if proposed payout amount is agreed between business and customer

  4. Initiate and complete payout process and notify RS for further handling (Credit note, voucher or bonus goods)

  5. Verify if accrual is reversed once payment is made.


Provide rebate related reports based on business requirements

Education Qualification:

Minimum Bachelor’s degree

Experience in Yrs:

2 years of relevant work experience

Other Qualifications / Requirements:

  • Knowledge of Order Handling process in SAP environment

  • Financial knowledge about tax, invoices is preferred

  • Very good knowledge in data sorting and analysis by using Excel formula skillfully

  • Good communication skill in English

  • Good Service Mindset


Rebate Coordinator



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